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      • - of creating a decision tree and pruning it to the optimal size. Even ... a Decision Tree Forest model. DTREG uses V-fold cross-validation to ... the optimal tree size. This procedure avoids the problem of "overfitting" ... the generated tree fits the training data well but does not ... generated decision tree on the screen, write it to a .jpg ...  Tags : database , data mining , treeboost , decision tree forest , modeling
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      • Alteros 3D is a 3D/2D graphic viewer and multimedia player with a customizable interface. The software supports any 3D graphic file types (3DS, MAX, VRML, TrueSpace, LightWave and many other formats), as well as 2D graphical files (PSD, PNG, TIF, JPEG, BMP, GIF), Video, Audio files...  Tags :
      • Size :2,651K
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