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    • Simply Zip Code Lookup
    • Simply Zip Code Lookup V1.0.34

      Simply Zipcode Address lookup-a new revelation in zip code address lookup software using the internet. Simply activate-enter ...
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    • batch zip code lookup

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      • - search and query the zip code of any city or town in China. You ... the exact zip code for it. Reverse lookup feature is also available. You just enter a zip code, and the software will immediately let you ... to the zip code. The software allows you to search online ... online a zip code for more information. Handy free tool, updated annually....  Tags : zip code , china , postal code , number , unzip
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      • - to compress,uncompress,delete,test and list zip files,can handle zip files with or without passwords,the code receive information about the zip file,destination directory,password,arguments and options regarding compression or decompression ... code ,since the parser will evaluate each command and return ...  Tags : ocx , component , encoder , compression , unzip
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      • Zip Code Companion is a handy database that allows you ... or verify zip codes, cities, states and area codes within the ... enter a Zip Code number, the program will find the Zip Code for you and give you the matching city, ... telephone area code and time of day in that part of ... country. The Zip ...  Tags : zip codes , floplock , database , area
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