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    • AMI Calendar Wizard
    • AMI Calendar Wizard V2.0a.09

      AMI Calendar Wizard builds personalized, printable calendars. Use your choice of ... with AMI Calendar Wizard....
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    • calendar wizard microsoft word

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      • - to use Windows Date Windows Date Picker& Microsoft Office Calendar Creator. Both the date picker&calendar creator integrate with Microsoft Word &Excel for ultimate flexibility. It supports Holidays for 10 ... is no Calendar template to load&manage. The calendar creator also supports both monthly&weekly calendars....  Tags : html , creator , com , word , add in
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      • - Adobe PDF (*.PDF) Microsoft Word file (.DOC or .DOCX) Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.XLS or .XLSX) Microsoft PowerPoint slides (.PPT or .PPTX) Microsoft Visio drawing (.VSD) Plain Text (.TXT) file Rich ... to China Wizard software simplifies the process of printing your electronic ... to China Wizard software becomes a mobile fax machine that helps ...  Tags : fax software , online , html , china , fax
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      • EZ Backup Word Pro makes it easy to backup your Microsoft Word Documents to any local or network drive and even to CD/DVD. The application creates a self-restoring backup archive which includes a wizard interface that will guide you through restoring your data.  Tags : com , office , pdf , docx , e mail
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