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      • - the contents of a picture within the picture file itself. An annotation is defined as a ... into a picture file, usually for the purpose of documenting what ... what the picture represents. The annotation does not appear on the ... picture itself, but in a separate viewer. The picture needs no additional files (such as a database) ...  Tags : annotate , annotate , picture , gif , genealogy
      • Size :3,900K
        Price: $34.95
      • GearDownload is a free handy tool to search formatted text, ... It searches every web page to find your needs, then downloads the files ... the appointed web page, web directory, site or some related sites.  Tags : geardownload
      • Size :1,265K
        Price: $0
      • Gadwin Web Snapshot lets you quickly turn Web pages into images. This Internet Explorer add-on effectively ... of a Web page that are visible in a window, but the entire page including all design elements. The captured image can ... sending the Web capture directly to your printer or as an ...  Tags : help , web , downloads , copy
      • Size :3,116K
        Price: $24.95
      • - the galleries on the web site. Only download pictures that have special properties-changeable-to ... for comfortable picture view. Search, Find -> Pics Download: Completely automatic, ... Creates local web pages with subfolder-structure and pics. Several templates are ...  Tags : forgot , show , dat , web scanner , msn
      • Size :900K
        Price: $0.00