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      • - multiplayer, play by e-mail war game. As large a group as you like ... play. One player who volunteers to host the game e-mails or ... running the free unregistered version of e-war can participate in multiplayer ... games up to turn 12, then they must purchase ...  Tags : e mail , bulk email , multiplayer , game , wargame
      • Size :740K
        Price: $9.95
      • - journey to get the full NOK collection-up to the thousands. NOKLear Wars are ... game, each player tries to get the enemys NOKs while protecting ... players to free them. Once freed, they will be collected in ...  Tags : noks , bandits , game
      • Size :51,200K
        Price: $19.99
      • Pocket War is a strategic turn-based war game much like the old Empire or Galacitc ... with a single city that can produce a variety of war machines. By choosing what to manufacture and sending ... repetitive tasks, free MODs available for download on the MetalShard Web ... more. Pocket war nominated "Best Strategy Game for 2002" by Pocket ...  Tags : games , strategic , arcade , war , based
      • Size :3,876K
        Price: $24.97