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      • 3D Backgammon Freeware Play65 internet backgammon software, one of the leading online games, is ... a 3D backgammon game freeware (backgammon free download).Since Play65 platform offers a game of backgammon in 18 different languages, Play65 enjoys thousands of ... the biggest backgammon rooms online. Play65 internet ...  Tags :
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      • A comprehensive backgammon game with many features: A choice of challenging ... including domino backgammon :a new variation that replaces the dice with dominoes ... seven extra backgammon variations and four backgammon challenges:series of matches against progressively improving computer opponents. ...  Tags : free game , domino , mylis , hypergammon , nackgammon
      • Size :1,707K
        Price: $24.95