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    • Mario Go Go Go
    • Mario Go Go Go V1.0

      In this game the player must pass the stage to the end and can not kill yourself. The player...
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      • - that you match. The wild cards appear randomly throughout the play and the ... the little wild guy around the gameboard clicking madly with the ... uncover the wild card again sending it flying around the game ... stop the wild card or go after those bonus points. The ...  Tags : concentration , game , games
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      • - 2 and jokers are wild cards, and the basic objective of this game ... most 2 wild cards and at least 2 natural cards (non wild cards). When a meld is formed, it is ... When a wild card is played on the discard pile the ... or a wild card, then the discard pile is also frozen. ... (canastas with wild cards) worth 300 points, each natural canasta (canastas ...  Tags : canasta , rummy , basket , card games
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