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      • XLPoints Plus is the easiest way to massively draw points ... and generate 3D models using coordinate data in Excel. Key Features: ... AutoCAD.-Create "true" 3D faces or simply connect all points with a 3D polyline. For the 3D modelling, XLPoints Plus uses the powerful Delaunay triangulation algorithm.-Generate all ...  Tags : autocad , password , import points , draw , coordinates
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      • The latest in LED 3D TV developments. 3D is now viable in your home living room. SAmsung recently intrdouced the latest in 3D technology into their LED TVs. No longer using polarized glasses but cool frame synched glasses. Look stylish, be comfrotable and watch the latest 3D Blu-ray movies.  Tags : instrumentation , 3d tv , software , 3d movies , videos
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