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      - get your public (WAN) IP address, this tool solves this problem. Shows your ... your Public&Local IP Addresses, and maintains an ...
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    • ip cam viewer lite on pc

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      • IP Desktop Viewer is a small application that will display your ... current external ip address for you on your desktop. IP Desktop Viewer will show up as a system tray icon. ... your current ip address will display. If you right-click on the icon you will see a pop-up menu ... "refresh" your ip address which will newly check your external ...  Tags : check ip , photo , desktop , system
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      • - name to a Dynamic IP address. TZO uses true dynamic DNS client/server technology ... from a PC at your home or office. The TZO Lite client software has the ability to handle multiple ... use. TZO Lite is a small and efficient client for those ...  Tags : ddns , address , dhcp , ftp , tzo
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