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      • It is quiet game for the thoughtful player. The objective of the ... game is the installation of game blocks on marked places in center of a ... field. Each game block should be set on that place, which is ... the increased game block. The moving of blocks is carried out ... field push game blocks. The ...  Tags : game , download manager , logic , games , logical games
      • Size :3,598K
        Price: $19.95
      • - is a colorful, fun game for one or two players on the same ... on the game board as each level is eliminated. Landscape and ... available. The block sizes can be resized to standard or custom ... yet the game board remains the same size. Keep an eye ... out which block is coming down next -- youll need to ...  Tags : tris , cybertris , music , classic , moraff
      • Size :4,983K
        Price: $15.00
      • The game can be related to a classical type of ... of the game is the deleting from a field of multi-coloured ... of a game field. At each pressing all blocks in a ... the new block is located. The moving is made only in ... increased. The game proceeds while on a field there are free ...  Tags : children , game , classic game , puzzle , office
      • Size :3,664K
        Price: $14.95