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    • Leaping Freddy
    • Leaping Freddy V1.1.7.1

      Leaping Freddy is a classic arcade game where our hero Freddy is attempting to collect treasures...
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    • Leap SE
    • Leap SE V3.0

      Leap SE is a RAD CASE tool that translates ... In addition, Leap SE is a requirements repository fully integrated with ... ...
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    • Leap
    • Leap V1.5

      Leap is a leap frog game where the object is to jump ...
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    • leap pad

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      • - interface for creating XML pad files for upload to your favorite software distribution ... all your pad data into each field.Comes with a pleasant display. ... Pad files created have been tested online at the ... with recent pad specifications. A simple but necessary tool to have ... for creating pad files. Comes with free upgrades when the ...  Tags : xml , pad , padfile , shareware , converter , file
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      • Leap is a leap frog game where the object is to jump all the frogs until there is only one left. The frogs can only move by jumping over other frogs. The levels increase in difficulty as more frogs are added and you have a limited number of tries. When you have no more tries left the game is over.  Tags : leap , game , frogs , arcade , puzzle
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      • Automatically submit your software PAD file to 100+ shareware and freeware sites with ... submitting software PAD files to over 100 popular shareware and freeware ... to your PAD file and a category selection. PADexpress will then ... submitting your PAD files. The software promotion process is completely automatic. ...  Tags : padexpress
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