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      • Buildcity is a strategy game about city building and management which takes place in 18th century.The game has many original features such as puzzle missions as well as addictive campaign and landscape graphics in the background. The features of Buildcity are: -Isometric view,800x600...  Tags : buildcity
      • Size :1,983K
        Price: $15.00
      • Networkable multiplayer clone of the classic ... Play it on a LAN or across the internet against a friend. Graphic skin support for different looks, chat feature and ... for more games like Beat Ball 2!  Tags : net , chat , arcade , puzzle , free
      • Size :1,254K
        Price: $5.00
      • The classic game of Checkers has never been better. Six virtual opponents challenge you to a hot game of Checkers. Wonderful graphics and music provide the atmosphere as you take on a virtual opponent or challenge your friends to a Checkers "death match" over the net, LAN or by modem.  Tags : checkers , action , board , game
      • Size :2,563K
        Price: $19.95