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      PLUS Bend?Bend Allowance Calculation software, which automatically calculates the total ... ...
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      • KzxMetal is a multifunction utility program specially made for sheet metal shops. It has a Inch-Metric built-in standard shop bend deduction calculator. Type in your thickness, radius or angle and instantly get your bend deduction, bend allowance, Z and X factors.  Tags :
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        Price: $12.99
      • RebarWin 3.3 is a rebar detailing shareware application. Rebar=concrete steel reinforcement bar. Supports Imperial, SoftMetric and European Metric measuring systems. This software generates sorted, weighed and accumulated bar lists. Prints labels. Graphically defines placing requirements....  Tags : rebarwin
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      • - of atoms in chemical formula (H2SO4) are automatically made subscripts, and atoms oxidation ... rearrange mathematical formula of one line into the formula with full numerators, denominators, radicals and degrees by ...  Tags :
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