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      • Program to decode Morse code (CW) via sound card to text. It can work as narrow-band sound DSP-filter also. No additional hardware required-your need only receiver and computer (5x86-133 or better) with sound card. Can cooperate with RZ4AG AAlog logger. It is software Morse decoder that REALLY work!  Tags : hamradio , mp3 , receive
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      • Learn Morse code with Morse Pilot. The program accompanies each keystroke with a Morse code sound. This way you can learn Morse code alphabet with no effort while typing. The program simply sits in the system tray. The registered version allows you to regulate speed and sound frequency.  Tags : morse , postal code , learn , game , practice
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      • Code Weaver is a fun and educational program that ... files as Morse code. It is supplied with a library of ... sounds including Morse code at 20 to 100 wpm. The package includes ... other novelty code sounds such as simulated transmissions from antique spark ... limited to Morse code, you can add any custom sounds that ...  Tags : tony , lacy , telegraphy , morse , zip code download
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      • - property when distributing PHP source files. The other use for PHP Processor is ... optimize PHP source code and considerably decrease size of your source code files. PHP Processor provides a fast, intuitive way ... your PHP source code. Both variable and function names can be ... making your code difficult to read and alter for a third ...  Tags : security , ftp control , backup , postal code , comments
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      • Source Viewer is a php coded web page allowing ... and php source code of files on your server directly in a ... browser View Source functions php code is not displayed as it is processed by ... the browser. Source Viewer allows the html and php code to be displayed. It displays page code directly in your browser, including html and php ...  Tags : mysql , source code , free , php code display , code
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