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      • - In other words, the applications will work even if a Flash player is ... create windowless applications from Flash movies. The transparent mode is supported! ... supported! Generated applications do not use temporary files. Flash movies and ...  Tags : flajector
      • Size :1,000K
        Price: $79.00
      • - AJAX IDE for AJAX applications or Desktop-like rich web applications released by JoyiStar corporation. It provides the simple, ... Rich Web applications based AJAX component. By now, AJAX WebShop is ... develop AJAX applications in PHP, Java and .NET (VB.NET and C#).  Tags : 1 ajax , web , ajax tool , ajax , ajax lib
      • Size :1K
        Price: $120.00
      • - designed to manage opened applications from multiple desktops. Applications controlled by the program can be grouped, moved, ... Navigating through applications on a single desktop could be quite tedious ... manage your applications better by grouping them into special desktop. The ... applications are neatly placed inside their own desktop and ...  Tags : serial , desktop
      • Size :1,846K
        Price: $19.00