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      • Areas of Use #PCI device detection for PCs#vendor and device names in ... plain text#displaying PCI configuration data#detecting PCI resource conflicts New in Version 1.4 #ISO ... to date PCI database #over 4000 devices in plain text#ca 1500 vendors in ... displays the PCI header data of all ...  Tags : pcisniffer
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      • - connected devices and the PCI bus. For this a multiplicity of current and ... Chipset details, PCI details (identification, header and registers), device cabilities as ... the installed PCI devices and in particular the mainboard chipset. Feature ... all installed PCI and AGP devices with details on every device, ...  Tags : c builder , header , capture , agp , game
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      • VideoCapX video-capture and processing ActiveX control allows software developers to easily add access to USB cam, ... DV camcorder, IP camera, PCI grabber cards and other video-capture devices from their ...  Tags : videocapx ocx , videocapx
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