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    • PLUS Bend
    • PLUS Bend V1.00

      PLUS Bend?Bend Allowance Calculation software, which automatically calculates the total flat length ... ...
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    • Speed Calculations
    • Speed Calculations V1.0

      Controls: Mouse LMB-select numbers RMB-note undesired number (may be needed for high-complexity,...
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    • rod bending calculation

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      • - its loading with visual with visual check.- Calculation of area characteristics of 20 types of cross ... of cross sections.- Calculation of reactions in supports.-Calculation of minimum/maximum bending moment, stress and deflection of the beam.-Calculation and graphic illustration of the moment, stress, deflection ...  Tags : beam , belt , straight beam , screen , stress
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      • KzxMetal is a multifunction utility program specially made for sheet metal shops. It has a Inch-Metric built-in standard shop bend deduction calculator. Type in your thickness, radius or angle and instantly get your bend deduction, bend allowance, Z and X factors.  Tags :
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