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      • Search 32 is designed for quickly retrieving word and word combinations from text files that can be 10 GB and more in size. It has a ... in archives. Search for whole words, parts of words or combinations ... Supports proximity search (NEAR). View more than one line of source ... (Notepad, Word, Word Perfect, etc.) to view the entire document. Browse ...  Tags :
      • Size :1,174K
        Price: $39
      • - text you wish to search for, and press the hotkey. Your web browser ... of your search in your preferred search engine. Alternatively use the recent word buffer to search for words youve already typed. Surf Sense can ... used as search terms for a query on the internet, by ... most common search engines, and allows you to do ...  Tags : html , words , letterheads , productivity , pim
      • Size :1,170K
        Price: $15.00