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    • Musical Note Tuner
    • Musical Note Tuner V1.0

      Musical Note Tuner will replace your old guitar tuner. Just ... play any note on your guitar, and ...
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    • Name It - Notes
    • Name It-Notes V1.0.0

      We have developed a program that ... limited to naming notes in C major and in the Treble Clef.
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    • write my name in musical note style

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      • - you the names of musical notes in different clefs:Treble, Bass, Baritone, Soprano, Mezzosoprano, Alto and ... Tenor clefs. In this software, you must move a note to the box corresponding to their name. It ...  Tags : tetronimo
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      • Space Flight is a musical note learning game. Its self paced learning system mixed ... who learn musical instruments tend to excell in other areas of their life as well. With this in mind, Space Flight was developed to start young ... of basic musical notes. Once note recognition is mastered, students find it easier to ...  Tags : reminder , flash card , note , fun , download
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      • - the Directors Edition. Writers Edition. Writers Edition- In this edition, you will find many of the ... would expect in a script writing application, and a whole lot ... as you write your script-all in a simple and visual way! With a built-in ... ideal Character name from eight locales such as English, German, French, ...  Tags : film , radio , money , scheduling
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      • - string and wind instruments in a range of styles and transpositions. The tuner ... frequency, corresponding musical note and even octave offset to aid you in transcripting pieces you dont have sheet music for.  Tags : tuner , download , guitar
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      • - with 127 different realistic Musical and Percussion Instruments, 4-note Polyphonic sounds, a Drum-synthesizer ... save your musical compositions in file format. The software runs on all Windows ... Octaves of Musical Note output, fully featured with Ultra-high quality sound output, ... 127 different Musical and Percussion Instruments, variable Pitch and Volume adjustment, ...  Tags : music , chords , games , music , free
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