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    • New Video Joiner
    • New Video Joiner V1.1

      New Video Joiner is a fast video joining tool. It supports joining multiple MPEG I ... other similar video file formats. You can easily join ...
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    • New Video Splitter
    • New Video Splitter V1.1

      New Video Splitter is a fast video splitting tool. It supports splitting multiple MPEG I ... ...
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    • NOVA Text Aligner
    • NOVA Text Aligner V1.1

      Create parallel texts easily with this software. All the tools you need to align texts on paragraph...
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    • yulia nova new video

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      • Create a new video from existing videos by merging them without losing ... making a new video by attaching them one to another). Split exiting ... making a new video out of the first part of a video and another new video out of the second part). Create a sub-video ... an existing video by extracting a part of it (i.e recording ...  Tags : video , split , merge
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